Friday, May 23, 2008

New image and NEWS

dance, 2008
graphite on paper
Jerry B. Phillips

As you may have guessed I have finished my first year of graduate school. Instead of boring you with the details, I'll let you glimpse a tad into my next semester. Imagine a classroom with kids , ready to tackle a blank page and create.

I was asked two days ago, if I would teach a beginning drawing class Monday and Wednesday nights in the Fall! My first real class!!! I'm so excited.

Also, crazy peeps, me and the Robyn are headed to South Dakota this July....who's going to be there?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

First Year of Grad School...over?

In four days, I will take part in the end of the semester graduate critiques.

This crit is something rather special. It's officially called, "The Advancement to Candidacy" crit, which all Murray Kids can relate to. Back in Murray, we called it "Mid-degree Review."

Basically, I'll show my work and talk about where I think it's heading and how the changes in imagery and idea are related to this direction. They will then decide whether or not I can continue with the program.

I sat down with Nathan today, and we both had the same reflections about grad school at Bradley. Murray treated the BFA students like Graduate Students. So we're actually not having trouble at Bradley, that's not including the working at developin concepts and experimenting with new processes and such. you get the deal.

I'm not really concerned with the semester ending...I'm really shocked that I'm already through 1/3 of my Graduate School Career...that's incredible.