Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wedding Bells


My friend and roommate from college is getting married in January and asked me to design her wedding invitations and programs. Having access to Hatch Show in this case turns out to be totally invaluable. Who doesn't want hand printed wedding invitations!? 

It will eventually be trifold, with a perforated/tear-off rsvp postcard. Printed with the florishes in a split fountain bright blue/lightblue and all the type in black. Heres some shots of the rough mockup:

 (YES, I am aware of the typos, if you know Betsy...I have no idea who really reads this blog. There weren't any more "a's" in the typeface I needed so I had to temporarily substitute "e's" instead so I could get the spacing right.)

Saturday, August 2, 2008



I was given quite a surprise ladies and gents.  Today, I was contacted by a young Palauan in the arts.  My parents somehow know her parents, but that's not really surprising. Palauans seem to know everyone who is somewhat of Palauan decent.

The surprise is far more exciting. There are more Palauans in the world of art!  I'm so excited, that I don't have to think I'm the only one anymore.  This is big news!

To top it off, I was asked to provide a bio, so me and my work can be used in a class presentation! I feel so professional!  It's exciting, but also weird. I've been been used in a presentation before.  

freaking awesome!