Wednesday, March 3, 2010

who dat be?

Posted by: JERRY

no title at the moment still in the process of being created
2009- to current
mixed media
calligraphy ink, gouache, stamping, prismacolor pencil, graphite, and acrylic

here's a side project i'm working on the side.

This is a collaboration in which i'm teaming up with Heather Brammeier, professor of painting at Bradley.

the visual resources are the same pool of imagery we both dip from from, but the approach we take is completely diferent.

just some info on the project

Contributing Artist:
Jerry Phillips - Bradley University Graduate Student - Printmaking

Heather Brammeier - Bradley University Professor of Painting

title: *currently incomplete so no title at the momenet"
size: 22"x 30"
Paper: Rives BFK White
media: Mixed (brown and green calligraphy ink, gouache, prismacolor pencils, acrylic, and graphite)

Conceptual Content:

The Painting Professor at Bradley University, Heather Brammeier, has often worked on collaborations with her graduates students who wither take a drawing and/or painting course with her.

Since I've taken painting, drawing, and color theory with her, she thought collaborating with me would be a great idea!

When compared to each other, our work appear to be on the opposite sides of the visual spectrum. Her work is abstract color compositions focusing more on creating an illusion of depth based on color interactions. Although the flat curvilinear forms she draws and paints come off as geometric initially, they actually base the beginnings in the movements of plant life and ocean life as they waft effortlessly in the currents and the waves.

Where as the my work is a more literal depiction of oceanic and other aquatic critter, I still look to how those organism exist in their water environment. The conceptual idea for why My obsession with the dark values of Mezzotint can't set my work farther apart form Heather's colorful paintings then is possible. But i've grown to appreciate color (no i love color) and even my adventures into color fall on a very different plane.

Some how, the origins that birthed these ideas have come merged and created this amalgamation of two different artists.

How We Do:

the basis of this collaboration is to be completely reactive to what you see on the paper. You manipulate the image due to your instincts and gut feelings while keeping in line with your own style/imagery.


History of the piece:

This started as an ink wash drawing i had started back last semester. after agreeing to collaborate, I passed the piece on to Heather who worked a little before giving it back. I work on it and passed it back...and so on and so forth.

The best part about the collaboration is the history of marks and images layered on there has helped build and created a sophisitcated world/environment that reflects the aquatic qualities Heather and I are visually attracted to.

I cannot wait to see just how much this invented environment evolves and changes before we both decided the piece is gone.

The possibility of continuous growth within the image is exciting and quite breathtaking, due to the fact that it could continue to change and develop for another day or even years to come.

Hear ye, hear ye!

By: Adrienne
If anyone is going to be in the Philly area during these dates should definitely go see our show at the Infantree Gallery. Its gonna be pretty great.