Tuesday, April 6, 2010


A Paper Boat
Mark German

I want to build a paper boat
to float away on the gushing waters
of the city streets and urban lanes

Setting sail against splashing wheels
I’ll deftly skip over debris rapids
Navigating swirls of brimming rain

I want to feel the paper light
Illuminate my tiny cabin
Casting textual newspaper shadows

I will make me a paper hat
Just like a real sailor
And man the helm shouting ‘ahoy!’

Perhaps on my journeys
I’ll meet other boats
And see sailors like me

Maybe there will be the occasional bump
Our boats may entangle
And we’ll heave to for repairs

And maybe we’ll chat a while
Talk about the weather
And have a cuppa tea

And then we’ll set sail
Like we are supposed to
And travel the gutters again