Sunday, November 18, 2007

Re-thinking, Re-doing, Re-working. . .

As it turns out, graduating from college means you start reinventing yourself. I think Jerry and Ann can probably agree with me on this.

Once you have your BFA show, its as if that body of work, that thought process is over. As much as you try and go back and tie off loose ends, it doesn't seem to work. Everything starts changing pretty rapidly with you just trying to catch up and make art that reflects what is going on.

Yet, I know I am in a place that is beautiful and new and strange all at the same time. I don't have anyone to make me make anything (One reason we started this blog.) Still I know my life doesn't feel right without using my ability to create. I get to start over knowing I've already succeeded and I have other great artists
to support me. (thank you peers, students, teachers, professionals, etc.) That, my blog readers, is really wonderful and something to take advantage of.

So, here is our blog as alumni of Murray State's Art Dept.
I am really excited to see how things progress.

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