Monday, December 17, 2007

Overdue (Adrienne Miller)

It was brought to my attention today that if you google: "Hatch Show Print Adrienne Miller" that images of me working this summer come up.

For about a week or two in July (i think) a lovely group of people from the Smithsonian came to Hatch to take photos in the shop and to record interviews for a future podcast. They are putting together a traveling exhibition to showcase both old and new Hatch prints and celebrate the history of the shop.

Here is the link to the website: Smithsonian Traveling Exhibitions

Me assembling the Damien Rice poster for the show at the Ryman in August. Working on the woodblock background for both of the Damien posters and the Murray State concert poster is next to it. Mr. Brad Vetter is there working too. You should google his name also. He's a great friend, taught me the ways of letterpress, and way cooler than I will ever be. Plus he makes some kickass posters.
(I just got the John Prine one he made and it makes me want to drool.)

Anyways, life in Nashville has been good lately. I took advantage of my "best intern ever" status from Hatch and designed some unconventional Christmas cards there. Finished them tonight (edition of 50) and am in the process of writing/addressing them at the moment so they will be in the mail soon. I have a few silkscreens drying and ready for exposure, sketches waiting to be scanned, etc etc. Its nice to finally be working for myself again after a long overdue break.

Hope everyone is doing well and has great Christmas plans. Happy Holidays!

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Jerry said...

WOW! finally get to see some pictures! It looks like you had a great experience!