Sunday, February 17, 2008

New work

entangled, 2008
9 5/16 x 7 9/16 inches
Jerry B. Phillips
collograph (polyester organza, matte medium)

born from the jelly, 2008
4 x 3 inches
Jerry B. Phillips
etching, aquatint, drypoint

So here's some new work. The etching was the first of the semester. I'm still tweaking it , so it is not editioned but I'm really excited about this little guy. It still has a basis in the jellyfish forms I love, but I feel it is growing beyond just representing the animal. There was a feeling of change I kept experiencing when I was working on this. This little guy is precious.

The collograph is some new technique Oscar has shown me. It works very similarly to mezzotint, but eliminates the tedious preparation of the plate (also it is way cheaper to make). I'm growing quite fond of this acquired knowledge and have complete a large one I just proofed last night. I'll scan that and upload it in a little bit.

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