Saturday, November 8, 2008

Back Hatch-a! (Get it?)

Posted By Adrienne: 
Brad and I collaborated on this Hatch poster a while back but I found it posted on Gigposters just recently. We brainstormed, I carved, he typeset. It worked out. 

They were actually pretty incredible in concert, not to mention adorably in love. If you haven't seen the movie Once yet, go rent it. 

Jerry, I am done with the Mineral sketchbook - lets get this show on the road, guys!
Ann, you better update on here and let us/me know how hanging out with Mr. Hosford this week goes, since he's your visiting artist and all. I actually reminded him as he was headed out the door on Thursday to tell you hello and how much I missed you. I said "Her last name is Flowers, she draws alot of rainbows, she'll find you. " 

Hope everyone is doing splendidly. 

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Mr.S said...

I LOVE this poster. I got one, but my best friend found them sold out when she tried. I have been searching since the show for this print to get for her. Do you have any idea where I might be able to find someone willing to sell this AMAZING Hatch Print?