Sunday, December 28, 2008

Post-Christmas Fun Tidbits

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I have been busy for a while and have a few things to share so bear with me. 
Firstly, I got two great books today with a giftcard I got for Christmas.  

An Illustrated Life by Danny Gregory
(tagline states: "drawing inspiration from the private sketchbooks of artists, illustrators, and designers") 
You can watch a video about it here.
Its pretty cool, featuring everyone from James Jean to Stefan Sagmeister. Each artist speaks about their way of journaling their thoughts and what brand sketchbooks they use/what pen brands/what watercolors/etc. Very inspirational.


Hand Job: A Catalog of Type by Michael Perry
Showcases a gajillion (yes a gajillion) examples of hand rendered type. Actually alot of Sagmeister Inc. work in there too. . .of course. Visual Overload. 

These should all be quite handy since a few of us are working on a neato sketchbook project and I'm working on drawing/collages myself. 

Speaking of, here are a couple images of things I have been haphazardly working on. I told Ann I would put them up. I feel like I am WILLING new work to come out of me, albeit slowly. 
(Frogman's is my deadline, I have to have plenty of new work by then.)

 Counting the Times, collage, gouache, graphite, thread, 2008

Back Then I Was Too Young To See, collage, thread, graphite, colored pencil, 2008 

My handmade-letterpressed christmas card
Last, but not least, Brad and I are trying to get an Etsy store up and running to get rid of all the mounds of old work that we both have laying around. There will be tons of letterpress/printmaking/photo paraphenelia to buy cheap! Check on us periodically and see what we are up to:

Hope everyone has a grand New Years and celebrates the opening of 2009 appropriately. I'll be in Louisville celebrating and attending Betsy's wedding most of the week, so if you're around that area give me a call.  For Auld Land Syne, everybody!

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A Beautiful Party said...

your work looks great!! i love it! i'm excited to check out your new shop!