Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just Curious....Really Though

Has anyone else experienced a tremendous rise in drama in and around their art making since leaving Murray?

I don't know how much more I can take of the emotional roller coaster ride some of the students here are dragging me through.

What I'm more curious is , why am I dragged into it, when those problems are not even mine.

I mean, c'mon kids. Grow up and take care of your situation. I can't hold your hand and make it all better.

Dear Junior Art Major,

It's not my responsibility to inform you of all the art receptions that occur in the department. You are a JUNIOR ART MAJOR! You should know when a show reception is happening, and who the artist is and when they give their talk. YOU ARE A JUNIOR ART MAJOR! That means this is the Sixth Semester YOU HAVE BEEN A STUDENT OF THE ART DEPARTMENT! ARRGHHHH!

You expect everyone to hand you praise, but you trash any you get. You say you want to get better and yet you put very little effort in that goal. You give up before you even try. You are complacent in where you're at, and have no initiative to reach your potential.

I'm wiping my hands clean. You're on your own. I have my own work, and my own troubles to worry about.

- jerry


On a lighter note, I now own a Sarah Sze book, and one day I will see one of her installations in person. I also am madly in love with the work of Amy Casey!

Check these two out!

Sarah Sze -

Amy Casey -


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